Sun Microsystems is tapping into the skills of a South African SOA (services-orientated architecture) guru to train people around the world on the Sun Java CAPS technology. 

Theo Burden works for Bytes Systems Integration (Bytes SI) and is one of only four Sun Java CAPS trainers in the world – the other three are in Australia and the UK – and has delivered training on behalf of Sun in the UK, Malta, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Spain, Portugal, India, Italy, Germany, Philippines and even South Africa.
Sun Java CAPS is Sun's solution to developing, deploying, managing and monitoring SOA technologies within an enterprise. The technology is a complex suite of products, which when deployed ensures a business can build and create composite applications on their existing technologies.
Burden says: “The whole experience of travelling to train across geographies merely highlights that we all in fact speak the same language. The interesting factor to me is that South Africa is by no means lagging behind in the world, and while we are leaders in many aspects there is also a tremendous wealth of knowledge to learn and gain from our international counterparts."