Workgroup has announced the availability of new software from McAfee that lets businesses to protect Exchange servers from harmful attacks and inappropriate data.

McAfee GroupShield puts a halt to email threats and other malicious or offensive content which can undermine business continuity and expose a business to risk. It prevents malware from disrupting the messaging system by scanning email, databases, and documents for viruses and inappropriate content.
"Email threats shouldn't be treated lightly," says Bernadine Botha, McAfee product manager at Workgroup. "Viruses, worms, Trojans and other email threats can cripple the organisation with costly downtime, lost revenue, reduced productivity and leakage of confidential business data.
"It takes a specialised solution to protect groupware and email servers from these threats," she adds. "McAfee GroupShield for Exchange provides comprehensive content security for Exchange servers. It secures systems from harmful attacks and inappropriate data that could weak havoc on company servers and compromise corporate systems and networks."
McAfee's on-access scanning checks incoming and outgoing email messages for viruses, worms, and other malware, blocking the latest viruses on detection.
GroupShield uses the Microsoft virus-scanning application programming interface (API) to check messages from Outlook Web Access (OWA), Internet-based clients (POP3/IMAP), and the Outlook client (MAPI). It also scans at the simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) level.
GroupShield features advanced content management to stop inappropriate email from coming in and prevent sensitive data from leaking out. Users can stop inappropriate email in its tracks by blocking messages that contain specific words or phrases that violate content rules and by identifying the types of files and attachments allowed to enter or leave the organisation.
Users can include, as an option, McAfee SpamKiller for Mail Servers for accurate spam filters – more than 97 percent – including new spamming techniques used by the most sophisticated cyber crime rings.