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AmVia partners with Vox Telecom to cut fax costs, boost compliance


AmVia, a provider of fax server solutions and the local distributor for RightFax, has partnered with Vox Telecom to bring two new solutions to the South African market.

The solutions reduce organisations' fax costs, improve their return on investment, and enhance their compliance requirements.
The solutions, delivered through joint ventures with Vox Telecom (formerly DataPro), are:
* Flexibill, which allows customers to discount their outbound telecommunication costs from RightFax Servers; and
* Flexifax, a fax service offering that is ideal for the corporate environment as it operates on the pay-as-you-use model, and offers full compliance with regulatory standards.
"Flexibill makes use of the fax over IP (FoIP) protocol to reduce the overall cost of outbound telecommunications," says Boudje Giljam, sales and marketing director of AmVia. "Our flexible business model allows us to offer our clients savings in a number of ways – effectively, in the way best suited to their business."
FoIP offers many benefits over conventional faxing: it cuts phone bills; removes the need for an analogue PBX line; reduces network administrative costs; provides fax services to all employees, no matter where they are; cuts the cost of disaster preparedness; consolidates remote fax servers centrally; and eliminates analogue fax machines.
AmVia's Flexifax sees the companies jointly address the shortfall in regulatory compliance many companies incur when they use Fax2mail solutions.
"Fax2mail solutions are ideal for small to medium-sized organisations," says Giljam, "but they do not meet the stringent compliance requirements of larger companies. This is typically in the domains of government and other regulatory bodies; security; and general corporate governance.
"FlexiFax gives users desktop-based inbound and outbound faxing on a pay-per-use basis, using the RightFax platform with which they are familiar. In addition, they enjoy enormous cost savings: Up to 45% off the existing inbound tariff, and 50% off current outbound mail tariffs.
"Fax remains central to the communications requirements of most companies in the world," adds Giljam. "As we have shown through our partnership with Vox Telecom, and the resultant solutions, it can also lead to significant cost savings and process enhancements."