The Department of Trade & Industry published its finalised Codes of Good Practice regarding Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment in December 2006, and companies wishing to comply with the scorecards should do so by December this year. 

However, while the Codes seek to simplify BBBEE scorecarding, many companies still find themselves in the dark as to how their own companies stack up – and the cost and time involved in seeking a verification certificate mean that they'd rather get it right the first time.
FreeBEE is a BBBEE pre-verification measurement tool developed by Global Business Solutions in association with CB4 Business Resource Centre. As a consultancy in business to business solutions in the area of broad-based black economic empowerment and strategic advices, GBS has had extensive experience aiding clients in compiling their BBBEE scorecards.
Jonathan Goldberg, GBS CEO and co-author of “Cracking Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment”, believes that FreeBEE will provide companies with a simple yet effective tool to conduct pre-verification calculations and produce reports based on the latest BBBEE information as contained in the promulgated Codes of Good Practice for BBBEE.
FreeBEE offers both the generic score card as well as the QSE (qualifying small enterprise) scorecard, allowing any size organisation to use the tool. Code descriptions and explanations are conveniently included in the system to assist the user in clearly understanding the data required to produce the reports.
The tool has been made available for download, free of charge, and is both easy to load and simple to use.
FreeBEE is available at