HansaWorld and Cape Town-based reseller Unilynx have partnered to provide a solution for car rental companies in South Africa. This solution helps car hire businesses deliver on their promise of customer service – a promise which frequent travellers often miss out on.

The customer's car hire experience leaves room for improvement. Long queues, vehicles being unavailable and double bookings are just some of the common frustrations.
Johani Marais of HansaWorld comments on her experience with a popular car rental company: “I received a vehicle with a different registration number to the booking sheet. We only discovered this after I returned the vehicle and then tried to collect a personal item I forgot in the car. They had no way of tracing the vehicle to find my belongings.
“Car rental companies should have systems in place for full tracking and control. Reservation systems shouldn’t allow for double bookings or vehicles being over-booked. Historical rentals should be easily traceable to avoid lengthy processes when customers query vehicle fines or try to find missing belongings,” says Marais.
Alan Sher, director at Unilynx, adds: “Traditionally, these businesses have had to use separate systems to manage their processes and this usually creates room for error. HansaWorld provides a single integrated business solution. It caters for industry specific requirements like quotes, reservations, control fuel charges, damages, chauffeurs, fines etc and at the same keeps financial control using its accounting modules like purchasing, nominal ledger and fixed assets.
“The Resource Planner module shows a graphical representation of all booking details over time, with colour-coded blocks for reservations, returns, inspections and available vehicles. The ergonomic design of the system is part of what makes it so scaleable – a car hire business with 100 cars and five staff can grow to thousands of cars and staff all over the world without changing the software or business processes.
"HansaWorld's pricing policy makes the software accessible to the whole industry. A small to medium sized car Rental Company can be up and running for less than the purchase price of a Group A rental car. And as the company grows HansaWorld grows with it." says Sher.
“We implemented the system at a Cape based car hire company. They’ve just completed the testing phase and are very happy with the results."