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Internet a goldmine for would-be bombers


As the European Commission works on legislation to outlaw bomb-making instructions from the Internet, Australian police have arrested a gang planning to blow up ATM machines according to a recipe found online. 

The gang members apparently used the Google search engine to find information on "how to blow up ATM machines" and found a site that offered the required information.
They were arrested before they could carry out their plan, as police had intercepted their communications.
IT-Online tried the same search string on Google with limited success – after looking through the first approximately 200 of well over 1-million results returned, the closest "matches" were a video on "how to blow up a chicken" and instructions on "how to blow up a postbox".
A search on the less well-known search engine was rather more successful, with a recommendation pointing to the more specific string "how to make a bomb", which was itself further segmented into types of bombs – including hydrogen and atom bombs.
This also elicited the news, published last month in The Times Online that the EC is working to outlaw bomb-making instructions from the Internet.