miniCube Technologies, a new supplier of small form factor PCs, Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPCs), small form factor mainboards and PC peripherals, has announced the official opening, online store launch and local availability of its range of PC devices. 

Satisfying a growing demand in South Africa and Africa in general, miniCube aims to supply its range of mini PC devices to the local market, providing futuristic, international products and services at affordable prices.
"With our exciting range of small form factor devices we are fulfilling the requirement of South Africans to join the international trend of PC miniaturization,” says Gerrit Smit, executive member of miniCube Technologies.
“Adopting Nano-ITX (and even Pico-ITX) sized products, means that PCs will take up less space and become more mobile and versatile in their application. This has a tremendous impact on space and mobility utilization and provides an opportunity for such as cars, airplanes and taxis and students to be connected everywhere.”