Duxbury Networking has announced the Netgear product update Roadshow, which will be taking place for the first time this September. The national roadshow has been designed to provide Duxbury Networking resellers with product updates as well as hints and tips for positioning Netgear products within the market.

The inaugural roadshow starting in September will travel through Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and East London.
"The success of Duxbury Networking's free weekly Netgear training sessions has prompted us to explore brand-specific training initiatives on a wider scale," says Graham Duxbury, managing director of Duxbury Networking. "The response to the weekly training from our partners has been phenomenal and requests have come in for training to be offered in other areas."
Duxbury Networking has answered this call with the Netgear Roadshow, which will attempt to cover as many destinations nationally as possible.
Training sessions during the Roadshow will commence at 08:00 and run through to 10:00 in the morning. These will start with a breakfast, followed by a visual presentation and end off with product demos and displays, open to all Duxbury Networking registered resellers.
"Duxbury Networking is committed to meeting the requests of regional resellers and will adapt our training initiatives according to feedback from this first roadshow and other training activities," says Duxbury. "The Netgear Roadshow provide the ideal opportunity for Duxbury Networking to interact and build stronger relationships with our resellers, especially in regions that unfortunately don't have Duxbury Networking offices."
He explains that the roadshow will provide resellers with first hand knowledge and greater insight into how Netgear products work and deliver value, bolstering reseller's ability to sell Netgear products. Attendance at the roadshow will also earn resellers additional DuxBux, the currency used in Duxbury Networking's Partner programme, to encourage resellers to attend the roadshow and as a show of appreciation for their ongoing support.
"So there are two good reasons to be at the Netgear roadshow," says Duxbury. "Firstly, resellers will be empowered with greater knowledge of, and get first hand experience, of the Netgear products. Secondly, they will be able to earn additional DuxBux for attending."
The Netgear roadshow is open for registration only to registered Duxbury Networking resellers, who are required to register for the event. For more information, visit www.duxbury.co.za.