In a move that is expected to boost corporate sales of the platform, Microsoft has officially announced its planned rollout of Windows Vista Service Pack 1. The rollout will coincide with the release of the final Service Pack for Vista's still-popular predecessor, Windows XP.

Vista SP1 beta will be released within the "next couple of weeks" to about 15 000 select Microsoft partners and customers, with a second beta slated for wider distribution before its final release in the first quarter of 2008.
The software giant says that SP1 is not about adding new features, but rather aimed at speeding up Vista and fixing some of the reliability issues it currently has. In its Q & A release, there is no reference by Microsoft about any security updates in SP1 indicating either that it is happy that these can be dealt with through its monthly Patch Tuesday updates, or that Vista's security features are currently regarded as more than adequate.
The planned rollout of SP1 will also keep Vista in sync with the code of Windows Server 2008, or Longhorn, which IT-Online reported earlier this week is slated for release on 27 February next year.