Opportunely  timed  to  fill  a  market  gap for a safe and reliable mobile instant  messaging  (MIM)  service,  AeroMessenger launches in South Africa this month.

"Mobile instant messaging has taken off in South Africa at an alarming rate with  growth in excess of 100% percent a year for the last two years,” says Jean-Pierre  Kloppers,  co-founder  of  Aerofone Communications, the South African company that has developed AeroMessenger.
“With  the  majority  of  people using MIM for social networking and public chat  rooms,  there  is  not  yet  a  safe,  secure, and reliable on-the-go solution aimed at the young professional market.”
Similarly  to  MSN  Messenger,  MXit,  and Mig33, AeroMessenger allows free real-time  text-based  communication  between  two  or  more people who are online  simultaneously,  as well as effective offline messaging. Unlike any other mobile instant messenger, AeroMessenger fuses the key characteristics of  SMS  and  email  with  instantaneous  chat;  thereby  allowing users to experience  benefits  such  as  delivery notification, message history, and group messaging – all on a cell phone.
“There has been much publicised concern about the dangers – particularly to youngsters  –  of  participating  in  public  chat  rooms.  To preserve the integrity  and  safety  of  users, AeroMessenger is the only MIM service in South  Africa  that has gone the socially responsible route of not allowing public chat rooms at all,” he adds.
On  a  practical level, AeroMessenger offers numerous benefits to the young professional.    Most   notably,  is  the  ability  to  create  conferences (equivalent  of private chat room) and invite friends or colleagues to join the conversation.
This  makes  AeroMessenger ideal for office environments in which teams are spread  geographically or travel a lot – to quickly get people together for a mini conference to give their input and resolve business tasks.
Communication   efficiency  is  also  improved  as  AeroMessenger  provides delivery  notifications  and unread messages cannot accidentally be missed. Instead,  when  you  log on to AeroMessenger, you will continually be shown the messages you have not read.
Other  functions  available on AeroMessenger include RSS news headlines and summaries  through  Independent  Online  (IOL) with a choice of 11 channels from  which  to  read  live  updated  news,  as  well as an electronic memo function which prioritises and reminds users of tasks to complete.
Using  AeroMessenger,  one  message  can  be sent to multiple contacts, and grouped  contacts can be used to start conferences. Apart from its everyday uses,  these features are ideal for keeping groups of friends/colleagues up to  date  on issues such as changes to sports fixtures, updates on cultural or business events, or even students needing to organise study groups.
As  AeroMessenger is the first MIM service that incorporates the innovative message-based  platform – designed specifically for cell phone ergonomics – rather  than  traditional  contact-based  messaging,  users  do not need to switch to different contacts in order to view their messages.
AeroMessenger  is  compatible with most Java and WAP enabled handsets. This is standard mobile technology on the majority of phones used today.