The expanding global airline industry is continually looking for ways to enhance customer service. In addressing these demands, RCG's e-VIP card combines biometrics and RFID technology to create an efficient and non-intrusive check-in experience for air travellers.

The program facilitates faster verification of the passenger’s identity, minimising waiting time at check-in counters and immigration.
The card is RFID-based and stores biometric data such as face and fingerprint templates. Other biometric templates such as voice and handwritten signatures can also be stored.
When presenting the e-VIP card at a verification kiosk, the system analyses the traveller's preset biometrics data held in the card, verifying their identity by using a simple, quick and secure procedure.
As part of the system, the immigration counter is installed with surveillance cameras and RCG face recognition technology. When the traveller passes through immigration, their facial image is captured for identity verification. This speeds up customs and immigration checks and provides the necessary traveller identification information for officials.
Besides identity verification, the e-VIP card can be used to track the location of passengers in the airport complex. RFID readers deployed in the airport will detect the e-VIP card signal giving details of the location of the passenger.
This enables airline staff to locate the traveller's location at boarding time, minimising the risk of flight delays.
Overall, the e-VIP card provides a fast and efficient method for passengers to access security checks, it reduces airport staff resources and provides a faster and more professional experience for the traveller.