Pinnacle Micro has announced the local availability of Micro-Star International’s latest P35 Diamond motherboard based on the Intel P35 Express chipset and the new-generation DDR3 structure.

The new MSI P35 Diamond motherboard includes several exclusive features and the newest technology for upgrading future models offering its consumers to , saysthe new MSI P35 Diamond motherboard supports the latest Intel FSB1333 and the upcoming 45nm multi-core processors which include the hottest Core 2 Quad/Duo/Extreme and other Intel processors based on Core architecture.
In addition, it supports the next generation DDR3 memory structure as well, providing more advantages in performance and possibilities when overclocking.
The current frequency of DDR3 starts from 1066 MHz and goes higher, at the same time consuming less power than DDR2. It also saves up to more than 25% power in the same frequency.
“Thanks to these features – and the innovative design by MSI R&D – the P35 Diamond motherboard is one of the top motherboards which gain incredible performance with high performance DDR3 memory modules,” says Welgemoed.
The new MSI P35 Diamond series is also equipped with exclusive fanless cooling design called “Circu-Pipe”.
“This original and unique heat-pipe design is the revolutionary innovation to maximize the efficiency of temperature-reduce inside of the system” says Vincent Lai, marketing director of MSI.
The Circu-Pipe offers a heat reduce efficiency of more than 20% after 2 hours full-load operation compared with the former heat-pipe design.
Its fin-typed heatsink around the heat-pipe not only reduces the heat efficiently but also saves space to make sure the MSI P35 Diamond will not cause any structure conflict or problems from larger CPU cooler or graphic cards.
Besides its performance, the MSI P35 Diamond delivers the best listening experience. The P35 Diamond comes with the SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio card with Creative hardware audio codec which fully support the 24-bit Crystalizer, making the MP3 music sound better than CDs.
In addition, the CMSS-3D provides good surround sound from stereo speakers and headphone. These features add up to give users more enjoyment – as well as providng them with PC movie experience with the latest cinematic technologies.
Another feature of MSI P35 Diamond is the “MSI SkyTel” which allows users to use a common phone set to make internet calls. There’s no need to buy additional headsets or VoIP accessories when using the MSI SkyTel. Users can just plug the legacy phone set in the P35 Diamond-based PC and make internet calls around the world using Skype.