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Citrix buys QuickTree, brings Web 2.0 apps closer


Citrix Systems has acquired QuickTree, a small privately-held software technology provider on the forefront of addressing the key security and performance challenges of XML and web services.

This move will strengthen Citrix’s end-to-end application delivery infrastructure by enabling it to incorporate more robust XML processing capabilities across the Citrix application networking product line, which includes Citrix NetScaler, Citrix WANScaler and Citrix Access Gateway and is focused on the acceleration, optimisation and secure accessibility of applications.
Enterprise application development and architecture is undergoing a rapid transformation as enterprise mash-ups emerge and user interfaces become richer with the use of AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and Web 2.0.  At the same time, the applications themselves are getting componentised using SOA (Service-Oriented Architectures).
This transformation brings increased flexibility, extensibility and standardisation for application developers and end users, but also creates new challenges for IT managers charged with delivering these applications. To address these performance, security and management challenges, some IT organisations have begun deploying standalone XML appliances in the network.
While these point product solutions can be useful in some situations, Citrix believes a far more scalable approach is to incorporate XML processing directly into a company’s existing application delivery infrastructure as a fully integrated feature.
Citrix will accomplish this by integrating the QuickTree technology into the AppExpert policy framework used by its application networking products to configure application-specific and user-specific policies. The new XML-fluent AppExpert capabilities will first be applied to the company’s NetScaler product line, enhancing its application traffic management, attack defense and optimisation features.
With an estimated 75% of all Internet users going through a Citrix NetScaler system on any given day, Citrix has long been the leader in application delivery infrastructure for the world’s most demanding web applications. Merging that expertise with QuickTree is a logical next step to enhance the delivery of both enterprise and consumer XML-based applications and improve the experience for end users.
“Citrix continues to research, develop and acquire leading technologies that give the company a unique position in the market, solving the complete end-to-end application delivery challenge for companies of all sizes,” says Klaus Oestermann, vice-president and GM for application networking at Citrix.  
“As Web 2.0 technologies for the enterprise emerge, we see the increasing need for the entire application delivery infrastructure to be more XML-fluent.  With the acquisition of QuickTree’s core technology and engineering talent, Citrix is staying ahead of that trend and allowing its customers to remain on the cutting edge.”