Users are showing a growing interest in Enterprise 2.0 technologies, converging IT and communications strategies with green IT. 

This is one of the results of an IDC survey of 1 000 key ICT decision makers in Europe.
The survey examined the following areas:
* CIO challenges. Although CIOs' biggest concern is "security/business continuity" (cited by 31% of respondents), they must also contend with three other major issues – "integrating IT and communications" (mentioned by 25% of respondents), "compliance with government legislation" (17%), and "delivering flexible IT solutions" (15%). The significance of combined IT and communications challenges was underlined by the fact that 52% of respondents claimed management responsibility for both areas in their organisations.
* Enterprise 2.0 adoption. When asked to rate their company's adoption and use of Enterprise 2.0 technologies and tools on a scale of 1 to 10 (where 1 is no adoption and 10 is widespread adoption and extensive use), the sample recorded a score of 3.81. The score jumped to 6.29 when the sample was asked to forecast the rate in six to 18 months. When asked to identify which Enterprise 2.0 tools they were adopting, "Web-based voice/data" was the most popular (mentioned by 29% of the sample), followed by "unified messaging" (27%) and "social networking tools" (21%). IDC even found small but significant adoption of more esoteric tools such as wikis, blogs, and virtual worlds.
*  Web 2.0 ROI. "Improving internal collaboration" was mentioned by 50% of respondents as the main driver for deploying Web 2.0 solutions. "Improving customer service" (31%), "improving external collaboration" (26%), "compliance" (20%), and "product development/innovation" (20%) also scored strongly. 37% of the sample claimed to have already achieved most or all of the ROI or goals of their Web 2.0 strategy, while 9% claimed they had not yet achieved these aims at all. Most organizations thought it was currently too early to assess (24%) or had only achieved some of their aims. "Lack of user demand" (40%) and "not getting budget priority" (16%) are the two most important barriers to deploying Web 2.0 solutions. Making the most of Web 2.0 solutions to revolutionise the way organisations collaborate and do business is also a major theme of the forum.
*  IT budgets in context. The sample companies were selected to represent a good cross-section of organisations in Europe. The median average turnover was around €28-million and on average they claimed to be spending around 8% of this on ICT annually. 42% of the sample claimed to have spent 5% or less of the ICT budget on the deployment of Web 2.0 solutions.
* Green IT. IDC also unearthed some interesting opinions on the growing issue of green IT. While 30% claimed it was "the responsibility of IT suppliers," a high percentage (24%) saw it as their own "moral obligation". 20% claimed to be "indifferent," while 13% saw it as a "commercial advantage". 68% of respondents claimed to have little or no knowledge of their suppliers' green credentials. About half of these CIOs said they wanted to gain a better understanding of the issue.