Users are demanding PCs that deliver the highest levels of storage capacity as well as security. Yesterday, Seagate Technology announced a 1Tb desktop hard drive that uses government-grade encryption to prevent desktop PC information. It also debuted a 250Gb 2,5-inch notebook hard drive. 

“Data security has traditionally focused on preventing spoofing, sniffing, eavesdropping, denial-of-service and other threats to data traversing corporate networks and the Internet,” says Tom Major, Seagate vice-president of Personal Compute Business.
“Now that these networks have been hardened and are much more resistant to attack, computer thugs are increasingly targeting the place where data lives – on the hard drive. Seagate is answering this threat with the strongest security available for desktop PC information.”
The Barracuda FDE (full disk encryption) hard drive is the world’s first 3,5-inch desktop PC drive with native encryption to prevent unauthorised access to data on lost or stolen hard drives or systems.
Using AES encryption, a government-grade security protocol and the strongest that is commercially available, The Barracuda FDE hard drive delivers endpoint security for powered-down systems. Logging back on requires a pre-boot user password that can be buttressed with other layers of authentication such as smart cards and biometrics.
Offered in capacities up to 1Tb, the 7 200rpm encrypting desktop PC hard drive also gives organisations an easy, cost-effective way to repurpose or retire desktop computers without compromising sensitive information and to conform to the growing number of data privacy laws calling for the protection of consumer information using government-grade encryption.
Today, business PCs are frequently repurposed when employees leave or new systems are issued, requiring IT managers to repeatedly wipe the hard drive clean of information to prevent the misappropriation of sensitive data. The process can take hours and is far from full-proof. With Seagate FDE drives, all hard drive information can be easily erased and the data rendered unreadable by simply deleting the encryption key for safe, fast repurposing or disposal.
Seagate also launched the Momentus 5400.4 hard drive, the industry’s only second-generation notebook drive to use capacity-boosting perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology, combining up to 250Gb of capacity with a super-speedy Serial ATA 3.0 Gbps interface.