iBurst has spent the last couple of months getting its billing system in order by a self-imposed deadline of October – and it's helped in discovering and collecting old debts that had previously slipped under the radar. 

Thami Mtshali, CEO of iBurst, says improvements to iBurst’s billing system mean that both statements and invoices are sent to subscribers enabling them to easily determine current and historical amounts owing. In addition, iBurst is sending accounts via post and email.
The result has been massively improved collections and a general cleaning up of subscriber accounts.
It's also given rise to queries and complaints from customers.
Mtshali assures subscribers that iBurst is accommodating when it came to outstanding or historical subscriber debt.
“We are more than willing to discuss payment terms when it comes to historical debt that subscribers were not aware of. Subscribers are welcome to visit the customer service lounge at iBurst’s Sandton offices," he says.
However, in terms of the lay, the onus is on subscribers to pay for services used even in the absence of invoices or statements.
In the event of any dispute, iBurst will compare subscriber bank statements with amounts owing in order to determine if monthly fees were paid.