Westcon SA has launched a computer laboratory at the Thuthuzekani Primary School in Krugersdorp on Gauteng’s West Rand. Cyril Ramaphosa gave the keynote address at the event on behalf of Adopt-a-School Foundation.

The computer laboratory consists of twenty (20) networked Intel Dot Station computers each with licences to a number of educational software programmes approved by the Department of Education.
“The significance of the computers that we have installed at this school is that they cannot be stolen,” says Jacques Malherbe, CEO of Westcon SA. The hard drive unit of the computer is built into the screen, therefore the only external device is the keyboard. “Should someone attempt to steal the keyboard, they would have to cut the cable, which basically renders it useless.”
Westcon SA has set up the entire laboratory, providing desks, security devices, burglar proofing for the classroom and all network requirements. “We then trained three teachers as well, so that we can ensure that the learners will derive the maximum possible benefit from the laboratory,” says Malherbe.
The Westcon Cares project at Thuthuzekani Primary School is part of the Adopt-a-School Foundation launched during 2001. The Foundation was created to facilitate and manage the flow of resources and funds to those schools that need it.
“The computer lab was one of three priority needs identified at Thuthuzekani Primary School,” says Malherbe. The school currently has over 1 300 learners which means that there are roughly 43 learners per class.
“We are very proud of our association with the Adopt-a-School Foundation, as it allows us to make a meaningful contribution to society through a managed and well-researched approach,” he  adds.