While many are hailing AMD's new Barcelona quad-core processor as giving it the technological edge over arch-rival Intel, there are some that believe AMD has always been ahead in this race – particularly in the enterprise server space.

Pierre Brunswick, VP sales and marketing at AMD for Russia-CIS, REE and Turkey, says that while the company may have lost some ground in the PC market against Intel, it has always been dominant when it comes to servers.
"We are still ahead of them (Intel) even without Barcelona," Brunswick says. "They've never had a real quad-core processor.
"Before Barcelona, we were ahead of Intel in terms of power per watt and square meterage."
He says that there are two important factors to consider when it comes to Intel versus AMD in the enterprise server market.
"Firstly, if you look at their roadmap over the past three years they've had 17 different platforms," he says. "If you have a server farm you don't want to have to change your motherboards every six months.
"Secondly, people forget about the backward compatibility that AMD offers – in the same socket.Sure, you can use a new socket, but that's a plus. If you want to make a smooth transition, though, you can."
Brunswick says that many of today's benchmarks in the processor arena are fundamentally flawed, especially when it comes to quad-core processors.
"There are no benchmarks to really test quad-core in terms of cycles and memory," he says. "There is a need for a fair benchmark."
He says that instead of running benchmarks for Barcelona for customers, AMD resorted to on-site demos which have paid dividends.
"Our customers have been convinced [by these demos] and it shows in the fact that more than 50 platforms for Barcelona have already been launched," he says. "The server is where we win back the mindset of the enterprise."