Rugby fans can follow the high points of the Rugby World Cup on iGoogle, Google’s customisable homepage. 

With the Rugby World Cup taking place currently, Google is launching a special feature on iGoogle which will give rugby fans access to the latest news and scores, surrounding the event.
Live scores, team information, rugby news, stadium locations, local information, rugby videos, results and rankings can be accessed by visiting and clicking on the link to add the “Rugby 2007” tab to your personalised homepage. The Rugby 2007 tab then becomes a part of the user’s iGoogle experience, which will appear whenever the user visits Google.
“By offering rugby fans the possibility to view their team’s results in real time on iGoogle, to localise all the useful addresses on Google Maps or to share supporter videos on YouTube, we are providing them with an easy and user-friendly way to take part in the excitement of this event," says Sandrine Murcia, Google marketing manager: France and Southern Europe.
"The Rugby World Cup is above all a community event that brings together supporters from around the world. We wish to join them by making all the news and information linked to this sporting event accessible on Google’s personalised homepage."
The tab dedicated to the Rugby World Cup is available on iGoogle in French, English, Italian and Spanish.