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Harvey Jones secures southern African rights to ProfitBase


Harvey Jones Systems has signed an agreement with Norwegian BI specialist ProfitBase to distribute and support its software products in southern Africa. ProfitBase offers next-generation BI products that address the two main deficiencies in the BI market today: lack of skills and the lack of rapid delivery.

"There is a major skills shortage in the market, particularly in the BI sector, that is only going to worsen over time,” says Keith Jones, MD of Harvey Jones Systems. “Coupled with the fact that users want to see results quickly, there is a major demand for products that meet these requirements, such as ProfitBase’s BI solutions.
Typical BI deployments involve a number of steps: source systems analysis, ETL, data cleaning and staging, linking data from multiple data sources, building the data warehouse and designing and deploying OLAP cubes.
ProfitBase, now in Version 2007, is designed to collapse this process in a single, easy-to-use wizard that fully leverages the power of the SQL 2005 Unified Dimensional Model.
“Training on the product typically takes two days as users are trained on one discipline rather than on a number of different ones, allowing clients to get their BI environment running in record time,” says Jones.
“ProfitBase consists of two components,” says Borre Tharaldsen, CEO of ProfitBase. “The first component is designed to enable quick deployments of the Microsoft technology stack. The tool set allows for pre-packaging of data connectors to common data sources, such as the Microsoft Dynamics products, and to pre-package the design of the delivery layer for common operations such as sales, finance, inventory, debtors, retail analysis and stock.
"The ProfitBase wizard accelerates the BI deployment process enormously. ProfitBase 2007 is also a Performance Point Enabler which will accelerate the implementation of Performance Point. Special at Enterprise Solution with multiple data sources.”
The second component of the solution is the financial planning and simulation engine.
“The ProfitBase simulation tool allows for detailed planning and simulation to help with goal setting and progress monitoring while providing an accurate and realistic cash flow projection covering a number of scenarios,” says Tharaldsen.
With a strong and proven track record and over 300 satisfied customers, ProfitBase is delivering on the promise of rapid BI. It also addresses a key need in the business for adequate planning, simulation and goal setting tools.
“We are very excited to be working with Harvey Jones, as they are a market leader in their sector. They have received recognition for their thought leadership globally. We look forward to a long and profitable partnership,” says Tharaldsen.