Esquire Technologies, a distributor of computer hardware, electronic components and lifestyle products, has nabbed exclusive distribution rights of the iLuv range of products in sub-Saharan Africa.

iLuv offers solutions, accessories and high quality products that extend the value and uses of the Apple iPod and most other MP3 players. In keeping with Esquire’s aim to offer quality, value, selection and technology, the iLuv range is highly complimentary to the distributor’s overall offering.
Mahomed Cassim, sales and marketing director at Esquire Technologies is highly motivated by the fact that iLuv offers more than just product to the local market.
“With this move, local consumers will be made privy to iLuv’s BluePin, which is a patent-pending transmitter/receiver and is also the first technology of its kind to enable music streaming from any MP3 player, laptop, mobile phone or handheld device with Bluetooth wireless technology to an iLuv BluePin-enabled HiFi system, allowing users to share personal content wirelessly,” he says.
“iLuv was also responsible for the creation of JAura Soundcell Technology, now available locally, which, put plainly, is the properly proportioned mix of forward and backward sound waves to deliver the fullest representation of the music possible.”
On a more logistical level, this move to market will amplify iLuv’s delivery channel as Esquire, with offices in South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia, offers a wide reach extending to various corners of the country, which will assist iLuv in marketing its products on a more national scale.
“iLuv realised the need for a distributor who offers a varied reseller database – and Esquire does exactly this,” says Cassim. “With this partnership, iLuv’s product ranges will be constantly branded to prospects previously out of their reach. Esquire’s extensive scope throughout southern Africa means we can quickly develop new business in the region.”
The distribution agreement covers iLuv’s range of Bluetooth devices, audio and speaker systems, video multimedia systems, FM transmitters, headphones and earphones, batteries and AC adapters as well as protective cases and films.