Companies may think their corporate PCs are protected from malware, but a new survey shows that well over half of them may still be harbouring viruses, Trojans and spyware. 

A massive 59% of companies that scanned between 20 and 30 000 PCs had active malware on their computers.
They were using Malware Radar, an online, on-demand, automated malware audit service for businesses, which detects and eliminates all malicious code installed on corporate networks. It also identifies security flaws in computers.
“The spectacular increase in the amount of malicious code in circulation (PandaLabs detected as much malware in 2006 as in the previous 15 years combined) has shown that traditional solutions are no longer enough,” says Jeremy Matthews, CE of Panda Security South Africa.
The increase in malware and the need for companies to have additional protection is reflected in the data gathered by Malware Radar from over 4, 00 companies of all sizes.
Active malicious code was found in almost half (47%) of companies that audited between 10 and 19 computers; 37% of companies that scanned between five and nine computers had malware running at the time of the scan; companies that scanned between one and four computers, found active malware in 35% of cases.