In line with its strategy to "blade everything", HP has launched "Shorty", a blade solution that caters to the mid-market. 

The HP BladeSystem c3000 is a 1-meter-square encolsure designed for smaller sites, branch offices and remote location. Importantly, it requires no special power, cooling or staff so it's ideal for smaller companies that may not have in-house IT expertise.
HP defines the mid-market has having between 10 and 200 users and believes about 19 000 South African companies fit into this category.
The organisation has also announced a new storage blade, the HP StorageWorks All-in-One SB600c, as well as application blueprints, the HP Solution Blocks, that help mid-market companies deploy and integrate applications within their environment.
Yergen Govendor, enterprise storage & server business unit manager at HP, says: "Midsize customers don't want watered down enterprise solutions. they want complete solutiosn built to address their needs."
The advantage of the blade solution is that users will find it relatively simple to add new components without complex wiring and connectivity issues.
"The one enclosure is able to run all storage, networking devices and servers," says Govendor.
The c3000 enclosure is equipped to take eight blades and users can tailor their servers, storage and networking blades according to needs – there are even workstation blades available for speclialist users.
The enclosure is designed to fit unobtrusively into small offices and, from November, there will also be a tower version available.
Unlike its c7000 big brother, the midmarket offering includes a DVD drive as well.