Small and medium businesses (SMBs) could win R350 000.00 worth of business and IT expertise, simply by sharing their business challenges. 

In the IBM Innovation Makeover Challenge, a select group of SMBs will receive a series of e-mails and direct mails over the next eight weeks, detailing the innovation options available from IBM and inviting them to enter the competition.
Globalisation and the power of technology have empowered small organisations to compete with larger counterparts on an equal footing. But growth may never come of age if innovation is not a key factor when looking at both the opportunities and challenges of operating in the global space.
“Throughout history, extraordinary periods of achievement have been sparked by a single invention,” says Gary Carroll, SMB director at IBM South and Central Africa. “However, it is rarely the invention itself that creates the revolution – it is the people who figured out how to apply it in multiple and diverse ways. That’s what innovation is all about – taking a great thing and making it pervasive, applying an invention in a way that literally transforms institutions, enterprises or society as a whole.”