IBM has developed a system that automatically converts the spoken word into British Sign Language (BSL) which is then signed by an animated digital character or avatar. 

The Say it Sign it (SiSi) system brings together a number of computer technologies. A speech recognition module converts the spoken word into text, which SiSi then interprets into gestures that are used to animate an avatar which signs in BSL.
Upon development this system would see a signing avatar 'pop up' in the corner of the display screen in use – whether that be a laptop, PC, TV, meeting-room display or auditorium screen. Users would be able select the size and appearance of the avatar.
This type of solution has the potential in the future to enable a person giving a presentation in business or education to have a digital character projected behind them signing what they are saying. This would complement the existing provision, allowing for situations where a sign language interpreter is not available in person.
“IBM is committed to developing IT solutions that are inclusive and accessible to all members of society,” says Dr Andy Stanford-Clark, master inventor at IBM Hursley. “This technology has the potential to make life easier for the deaf community by providing automatic signing for television broadcasts, and making radio news and talk shows available to a new audience over the Internet, or by providing automated voicemail transcription to allow them to make better use of the mobile network.”
SiSi has been developed in the UK by a research team at IBM Hursley, as part of IBM’s premier global student intern programme, Extreme Blue. In the European part of the programme, 80 of the most talented students from across Europe were selected to work on 20 projects and given whatever equipment, support and assistance they required. Working for an intense 12-week period alongside IBM technical and industry leaders, they focused on innovative technology projects, such as SiSi, all of which had real business value.