As the cellular network that has gained the most from mobile number portability (MNP) – with more than 40 000 converted users already – Cell C has lauched an SMS-based service that will allow customers to easily and quickly port on to its network. 

SMS Porting is available 24 hours a day to prepaid customers, and lets potential customers to join the Cell C network without having to go via the call centre or physically walking into a Cell C store.
Shenanda Janse van Rensburg, executive head of corporate communications at Cell C, comments: “In the interest of fair competition, we believe that customers’ choices of a cellular network provider should be based on quality service offerings and value for money products to suit their lifestyle and needs as well as on freedom from being tied to any one network.
"It is for this reason that we have enhanced the porting method by introducing SMS porting.”
As a first step, potential customers need to buy a Cell C starter pack at a participating outlet. The next step would be to send a port request, at a time convenient for them to do so, via SMS as follows: “#portme” together with the “mobile number” printed on the Cell C starter pack purchased i.e. “#portme#084 123 4567” to 084PORT2US (084 76 78 2 87). The customer will immediately receive an SMS notification confirming receipt of their port request.
When the request to port is sent during working hours, subscribers receive feedback on whether their port request has been accepted or rejected.
Once they receive an SMS notification confirming that their port request has been successful or approved can they remove their current SIM card and activate the Cell C starter pack to start enjoying the services unique to the Cell C network.
Ported customers will retain their old number – the Cell C starter pack is simply a means of linking them to their new network operator.
Since the launch of MNP, Cell C and its joint venture partner Virgin Mobile South Africa (VMSA) have remained net-gainers with more than 40 096 customers having ported into the Cell C network.
“We have introduced a variety of products and services to ensure that our customers derive maximum value from being part of the Cell C family. This is evidenced by the growth in the company’s total subscriber connections which improved by 27% to 3,4-million active subscribers during the first half of 2007," says Janse van Rensburg