There is still no clarity on the future of Infraco. Parliament was scheduled to vote on the Broadband Infraco Bill today, but has postponed it to an unspecified date in October.  

There hasn't been any statement from Parliament, but amendments to the EC Act – approved early this week by Cabinet and required for the Broadband Infraco Bill – have yet to be gazetted and there is speculation that this has held up the process.
The amendment to the EC Act would allow for government strategic infrastructure investment and could help circumvent the fact that Infraco doesn't have an infrastructure licence and Parliament was unwilling to "deem it" as licenced as per the initial Infraco Bill presented.
Infraco is supposed to be rolling out a national broadband network and has been granted the right to use the Transtel and Eskom networks as part of this plan.
However, as it doesn't have an infrastructure licence, it cannot resell capacity to other operators such as Neotel.
A Parliamentary Portfolio Committee meeting was scheduled for today to discuss elements of the Broadband Infraco Bill.