Pinnacle Micro is to drop the ProLine branding from its server offerings and will instead market them under the original Supermicro name.

The company has announced that it intends to focus aggressively on the server market.
Tim Humphreys-Davies, sales and marketing director of Pinnacle Micro, explains that the server range was previously marketed as "Proline by Supermicro".
"We will now be branding them separately – and we will be focusing aggressively on the server market in South Africa, where we believe we can make significant inroads with our Supermicro server range."
Supermicro, founded in 1993, recently concluded an initial public offering (IPO) had committed additional resources to southern Africa in order to enhance it penetration in the region.        
"Pinnacle Micro's share of the server market in South Africa currently minimal, but we intend to increase this level significantly in the next three years, using our Supermicro range as our main vanguard," he adds.
Worldwide, Supermicro enjoys more market share than Intel white-box servers.
"There is a massive opportunity in the South African server market. We are offering an affordable server range that ranges from front-end applications all the way to the top-end enterprise level. This is a big drive for Pinnacle Micro and we are very excited to start marketing Supermicro as a
separate brand. More budget will also be allocated to this drive," he adds.
Supermicro is one of the early servers to feature AMD's new Barcelona quad core processing technology.