The heart-warming story of the little wooden boy who walked, talked and had all sorts of adventures – all the while wishing to be a real boy – has received a high-tech update with news that scientists have developed a robot that looks just like a little boy. 

Hanson Robotics yesterday showed Zeno to children attending the Wired NextFext technology conference in Los Angeles.
The robot, which will one day be able to walk and talk, can now engage with users through its facial expressions and blinking eyes that can track people.
With  fair emount of intelligence built in, Zeno will be able to recognise its owner, speak their name and even build a relationship.
The dream of lifelike robots that interact with their human playmates is still a few years away from realisation, but early – less intelligent – Zenos could be on the selves next year with a $300.00 price tag.