This week (17-21 September) has been designated as Proudly South African week, and campaign organisers believe there are many reasons that South Africans can be proud to stand up and be counted. 

According to the latest edition of the World Values Survey (WVS), 96% of South Africans are proud to call themselves South African.
In addition, the Proudly South African organisation believes good progress is being made in the perceived value of its brand, which is starting to have a positive infleunce on local procurement.
In order to display the Proudly South African logo, member companies have to abide by a number of criteria:
* A Proudly SA company’s products or services must incur at least 50% of its production costs, including labour, in South Africa, and be “substantially transformed”;
* Prospective members must provide proof of meeting high quality standards;
* Adhere to fair labour and employment practices; and
* Adhere to sound environmental principles and standards.
The campaign can boast a number of succeses, inlcuding the implementation of a sector approach and CEO Forums to assist members in various sectory. It has also receievd positive support from both local and national government.
Because of its sphere of influence and its marketing muscle, Proudly South African assists local companies to become more competitive, both in terms of expanding local operations as well as looking for offshore spend.
The organisation believes there could be confusion in the market, specifically the IT sector, over the newly-established SA First campaign.