Industry stalwart Richard Fearon has been appointed to the post of CEO of Avnic Holdings, effective from 1 September. 

Avnic Holdings comprises several companies, the best-known among them being Avnic Trading, the exclusive African distributor of the Garmin ranges of personal navigation device (PND), fitness and marine GPS navigation solutions. Garmin worldwide is reported by Canalys to be the global market leader in GPS in the second quarter of 2007, and is the leading GPS brand in South Africa.
Fearon has more than 20 years experience both in traditional distribution of mid to high-tech products aimed at businesses, such as printers and PCs, as well as in business development in vertical segments including: wireless, mobile and network video targeting both consumer and business users.
John Gallacher, the current CEO of Avnic, will become group chairman.
"We are very pleased to welcome Richard on board," says Gallacher. "Richard has worked closely with us as a consultant over the last two years developing
our business and communications strategy and in that period the brand has enjoyed enormous growth.  We are confident that his experience and skills, combined with a deep understanding of our business, will see that growth continuing."