AMD has added AMD Phenom triple-core processors, expected to be the first PC processors to integrate three computational cores on a single die of silicon, to its desktop roadmap. 

The AMD Phenom triple-core processors will help to deliver the visual experience, performance and multitasking capabilities of true multi-core technology to a broader audience.
The triple-core chips are expected to be available in the first quarter of 2008, while the quad-core offerings are still on schedule to ship later this year.
“With our advanced multi-core architecture, AMD is in a unique position to enable a wider range of premium desktop solutions, providing a smarter choice for customers and end users,” says Imi Mosaheb, country manager of AMD.
“This innovation is a direct result of our development of the industry’s first true, native quad-core design, coupled with AMD’s manufacturing flexibility, to create multi-core processors in two, three, and four computational core configurations on a single die of silicon."
According to Mercury Research, quad-core processors represented less than 2% of desktop shipments in the second quarter of 2007. AMD believes this suggests a need for a wider selection of multi-core solutions, and triple-core processors may stimulate broader multi-core adoption with a product family that scales to more points-of-entry for the customer.
The true multi-core design, based on Direct Connect Architecture, features an integrated memory controller, accelerating performance for productivity, content creation, entertainment, and gaming. In addition, this next-generation architecture includes AMD’s Balanced Smart Cache for rapid access to memory, with a shared L3 cache for leading-edge performance on multi-threaded software.
With HyperTransport 3.0 and up to 16Gbps of high bandwidth I/O, upcoming AMD Phenom processors are designed for the visual experience with good HD video and gaming resolutions, as well as high-speed disk and network interfaces.
In addition, Cool‘n’Quiet 2.0 technology enables independent frequency adjustments to each processor core, and the HyperTransport bus and memory controller for a cooler and quieter PC.
AMD Phenom triple-core processors are expected to deliver increased performance for multitasking usage models and multi-threaded applications, aligned with similar benefits available with the upcoming AMD Phenom quad-core processors.
In addition, triple-core processors from AMD can provide significant performance advantages over similar dual-core AMD processors in key industry standard benchmarks, including SYSmark 2007 and 3DMark 2006, as well as similar quad-core AMD processors in certain gaming and digital content creation scenarios.