IDF: San Francisco – While the "tick-tock" model adopted by Intel just over a year ago confuses many – particularly certain journalists and analysts – Intel senior VP and former CTO Pat Gelsinger has no doubt about its effectiveness.

"Intel's development model and cadence is a predictive, efficient and effective way to deliver products and provide the industry with an exciting computing roadmap in our relentless pursuit of Moore's Law," Gelsinger says. "In addition to our processors, we're focused on delivering enegy efficiency via design of better, Hafnium-based High-k transistors as well as enhancements in overall system level architecture to minimise the computer's energy usage."
During his presentation, Gelsinger displayed the first-ever Intel 45nm High-k metal gate Nehalem dual processor server that uses the element Hafnium instead of silicon in portions of the 731-million transistors inside the processor die.