Targeted at enterprise customers, the ProCurve Switch 8212zl completes ProCurve’s core-to-edge network solution that unifies network technology, infrastructure, software, operation, management and support while reducing complexity and lowering costs. The switch is based on HP-developed ProVision ASIC technology.

Also announced this week, the ProCurve Wireless Edge Services zl Module adds centralised wireless local area network (WLAN) configuration, management and advanced wireless services to the 8212zl core switch and 5400zl edge switch family.
“ProCurve’s Adaptive Networks vision gives global companies the flexibility to grow their infrastructure in line with their business needs by enabling them to quickly adapt to new applications, fortify network security, increase productivity and reduce complexity,” said Lorna Hardie, Business Unit Manager, ProCurve Networking by HP in South Africa. “The new 8212zl core switch further substantiates this vision by unifying the core-to-edge infrastructure, providing the ideal foundation for a network that is secure, highly available and cost-effective to deploy and maintain.”
The 8212zl core switch, as part of a standards-based unified core-to-edge solution including the Switch 6200yl/5400zl/3500yl Series, delivers low cost of ownership and reduces complexity by utilising common components. The switch’s lifetime warranty features standard next business day advanced-replacement with phone and email support.
“With this introduction, customers now have a range of core and edge switches that are designed to make it easier and less expensive to operate converged and highly complex networks. Because they are based on ProCurve architecture, they share common parts and improved management across devices – not many vendors offer this,” says Hardie. “ProCurve is already the No. 2 player in the networking industry, and this should further enhance its position in the marketplace.”
The ProCurve Switch 8212zl is a high-performance, highly scalable, chassis core switch platform that provides comprehensive Layer 2 through Layer 4 features and advanced security. It boasts high-density Gigabit and 10GbE connectivity, making it ideal for high-speed core networking applications, and it has high-availability features such as customer hot-swappable, redundant management, fabric and power to ensure system continuity and enhance network productivity. The 8212zl is for customers seeking to cost-effectively meet more stringent availability requirements of highly converged network environments without sacrificing performance or flexibility.
“The networking needs of our customers are always changing. They need a core solution that reliably adapts to those changing requirements and lets them enhance it over time without a lot of management intervention and without costly or disruptive technology upgrades,” Hardie adds. “The 8212zl core switch from ProCurve gives them a solution that is easy to deploy, easy to manage, easy to expand and under warranty for as long as they have the product.”
ProCurve also provides lifetime software and firmware updates for its product line, which reduce the risk of unanticipated costs for incremental feature enhancements and bug fixes.
The ProCurve Wireless Edge Services zl Module provides advanced wireless services for the new 8212zl core switch and ProCurve 5400zl Series Intelligent Edge switches. Featuring a common modular architecture for the chassis line, the wireless zl module offers flexible wireless services that unifies both wired and wireless operations across the network.
The zl module extends ProCurve’s comprehensive security strategy – ProCurve ProActive Defense – to the wireless LAN. This approach to enabling a trusted network infrastructure provides immunity from threats and protects data and integrity for all users, resulting in reduced network complexity, lower management costs and fortified security.
Technical highlights of the ProCurve Wireless Edge Services zl Module include Layer 3 roaming, secure guest portal with guest account administration, and integrated RADIUS and DHCP services. New security additions include wireless security through an integrated stateful packet inspection firewall and enhanced wireless intrusion detection. The ProCurve wireless solution also includes ProCurve’s standard lifetime warranty.