Microsoft and Novell  have operned an Interoperability Lab in Cambridge, delivering on the promises made as part of their collaboration agreement.
Technical experts from both companies will design and test new software solutions as well as work with customers and the community to build support technologies that allow Microsoft Windows Server and SUSE Linux Enterprise to work well together.

“We are pleased to be working with Novell on this joint interoperability effort and are eager to roll up our sleeves and continue the challenging technical work required to make Windows Server and SUSE Linux Enterprise interoperability a reality for our customers," says Paulo Ferreira, platform strategy manager at Novell.
Located in Cambridge, the 2 500-square-foot lab and workspace will be home to a combined team of the best and brightest Microsoft and Novell engineers focused on making Windows Server and SUSE Linux Enterprise work better together.
“The first priority for the lab team will be to ensure interoperability between Microsoft and Novell virtualization technologies” says Desan Naidoo, acting coutry manager  at Novell SA.
Additional work will include standards-based systems management, identity federation and compatibility of office document formats.
The lab houses more than 80 servers of varying architectures as well as a storage area network.
“Microsoft and Novell are committed to including other vendors and technologies as the lab continues to grow to create a heterogeneous lab environment that reflects the current IT environments and interoperability challenges facing enterprise customers today” Naidoo adds.