TallyGenicom announced significant improvements to its 5040 printer for banks and retailers.

TallyGenicom is a leader in the manufacture of manually fed document printers requiring compatibility with the diverse range of forms used world-wide. From single to multi-part form, small forms to large documents, thick card to very thin inexpensive paper, the 5040 can function in a quick and effective manner.
Poorly cut documents can often pose a problem for a printer, however TallyGenicom has developed a unique Automatic Paper Alignment feature to allow the printer to accommodate for irregularities in form shape and thus provide unsurpassed ease-of-use for branch clerks.
"The 5040 is already used by some of the world's biggest financial institutions. We have fed information and experience borne out of these relationships into our research and development teams to provide some significant improvements," explains TallyGenicom South Africa director, David Terry.
"For example, a common problem with competitor printers was that on a forced ejection, large documents could end up on the floor. Yet, our drop function ensures the form is still gripped after ejection for the user to remove with minimum force."
The level of compatibility with legacy software systems has also been improved. Although system device drivers vary enormously, TallyGenicom has eliminated any potential issues in the updated 5040. With knowledgeable, experienced pre-sales and development personnel, TallyGenicom can resolve any unforeseen future system related issues very quickly.
"The 5040 is a durable, robust, dependable printer that supports a wide variety of printing applications including smaller documents like cheques and receipts. We believe we have the best printer and support on the market, and judging by our rapid penetration into this market place our customers agree," Terry adds.