IDF: San Francisco – With heavy emphasis on WiMax in the mobile space, Intel revealed today that its first Centrino processor technology offering integrated WiFi and WiMax – Montevina – will be available in the second half of 2008.

Montevina, as disclosed by Intel president and CEO Paul Otellini during his keynote yesterday, will also feature support for both HD-DVD and Blu-ray video formats.
In mobile keynotes today, Intel executives said that the pending rollout of WiMax, ongoing innovation to its Centrino Duo technology and a new generation of Internet-connected devices will usher in a new era of reliable broadband-connected wireless computing next year.
"Intel is the undisputed market leader today with notebook PCs by providing consumers with what they want in performance, battery life and a fully-loaded Internet experience," says Dadi Perlmutter, senior VP and GM, Intel's Mobility Group. "Mobile users have an insatiable appetite for, and want even more, moility, connectivity and full Internet on their smaller devices.
"We'll satisfy those needs by delivering our latest 45nm processors and WiMax to notebooks – as well as mobile Internet devices (MIDs) in 2008 – and also using some of these technologies to brin an affordable computing and Internet experience to emerging communities and economies around the world."
Anand Chandrasekher, senior VP and GM of Intel's Ultra Mobility Group, outlined the company's silicon roadmap that will deliver radical reductions in power requirements and package sizes.
"Mobile users are demanding to take the full Internet experience anytime, anywhere – in essence, these users want the full Internet to be delivered them wirelessly and in their pocket," Chandrasekher says. "In the first half of 2008, Intel will take a major step to deliver what these users are looking for with our first platform designed from the ground up for MIDs and ultra-mobile PCs – Menlow – which will deliver 10X lower power compared to the first UMPCs in the market.
"After Menlow, our next generation – Moorestown – will increase battery life an order of magnitude by reducing idle power by 10X compared to Menlow."
Also featured on the Menlow-based designs are optional standardised communications capabilities such as WiFi, 3G and WiMax to enhance the always-connected experience, says Chandrasekher.