Microsoft's Bill Gates has managed to hang on to his title of America's richest man, topping the Forbes 400 list with a personal fortune of $59-billion. 

He is closely following by his friend Warren Buffet, who boasts $52-billion, but owns more than double the third-lists Sheldon Adelson, who made his $28-billion from casinos and hotels.
The top echelons of the Forbes list are littered with IT moguls, altough none have yet managed to amass a fortune to rival Gates.
Oracle's Larry Ellison, with $26-billion, takes the fourth place, with Sergey Brin and Larry Page, both from Google, share fifth place with $18,5-billion.
Michael Dell is the last IT personality in the top 10, coming in at number nine with $17,2-billion.
Microsoft's Paul Allen just missed the cut, but was ranked 11 his $16,8-billion, while colleauge Steve Ballmer made it to number 16 with $15,2-billion.
Americans had to be worth at least $1,3-billion to make it on to the list at all.
Other IT notables include Pierre Omidya from eBay at 32 with $8,9-billion. Jeff Bezos from and Jim Goodnight from SAS share number 35 with $8,7-billion, while Google's Eric Schmidt trails at number 48 with $6,5-billion.
Steve Jobs creeps in at number 56, while Intel's Gordon Moore ranks number 68.