Cyber Detectives, a division of Carrick Holdings, has reaffirmed its commitment to its partnership with global IT security solutions provider, Symantec, and the focus of the relationship in addressing demands related to information management, storage and back-up.

Clint Carrick, CEO at Cyber Detectives, says the company is well positioned to assist clients in their efforts to comply with legislation, invest in technology and improve information management at operational level.
“We have noticed a significant increase in technology spend and solution investment amongst companies and businesses that are compelled to address information storage, archiving, backup and instant retrieval. Legally-enforced compliance is the main driving force behind this trend. It is equally important for the market to take cognizance of the extent to which solutions are being tailored to meet this global demand,” says Carrick.
As an example Carrick refers to the noticeable difference within anti-virus software and the move towards incorporating personal firewalls and host-based network prevention.
“In retrospect we have moved from a reactive, traditional approach in anti-virus to one that is proactive and centralized at the end point,” says Carrick.
“Developers of anti-virus software are focusing on higher levels of sophistication in their product. The advent of mobile application, increase in wireless product, more bandwidth and array of available connectivity options, including 3G and ADSL, has necessitated a change in gear with those supplying the IT security market,” he adds.
These factors have combined to add impetus to the core focus and objectives of the industry partnership between Cyber Detectives and Symantec.
“We subscribe to Symantec’s vision of being the primary IT security solution provider in general and specific advisor to customers within the information management, storage and back up space,” Carrick continues.
Cyber Detectives primary role is to assist clients to strategically integrate IT security with effective information management.
“Data is the most valuable asset in any modern, competitive, profit-driven organization today,” says Carrick. “Legislation forces decision makers to review the way they manage information. Our alliance with Symantec will add value to the market because of the level of expertise, the quality of solution and the combination of both to address key technology and system requirements to enhance storage and back-up processes.”
Carrick also raises the issue of personal storage devices such as USB flash drives, memory sticks, PDAs and MP3 players, and the very real security risk these devices represent to network systems. This is one of the key areas to be addressed through the alliance.
”One of the reasons behind the increase in focus on end point compliance and data leak prevention within the IT security market at large is because of the advent of personal storage technology. Compliance with legislation also has to do with the protection of the company’s information and integrity of its security, as much as it does with the ability to prove information management best practices,” adds Carrick.