HP has announced a portfolio of solutions to help communications, media and entertainment companies unlock the value that exists within their vast stores of customer and operational data.

HP CentralView business software solutions, supported by professional services, provide communications, media and entertainment (CME) companies with a single, intelligent view of customer-related data as well as the monitoring and analysis tools to rapidly transform that data into actionable business information for decision-makers.
With HP CentralView, CME companies, including wireless and wired operators, can make more informed decisions about their strategic business interests, such as new service opportunities, customer retention, customer credit risks, fraud detection and management and, ultimately, the protection and growth of revenue.
“As service offerings become more complex within today’s consumer-driven markets, service providers are learning to use a valuable competitive weapon – their own data,” says Karl Whitelock, senior consulting analyst, Stratecast, a division of Frost and Sullivan.
“With a consolidated view that distills massive amounts of customer-centric data, CME companies can enhance the speed and quality of their decision-making – and, ultimately, their ability to win in the market. Through this product launch, HP is demonstrating its understanding of the importance customer data provides as a critical tool for successful business operations.”
Designed specifically for the CME industry, HP CentralView gives CME companies consolidated access to batch and real-time data from multiple “siloed” operations and business support systems (OSS and BSS). It utilises the capabilities of enterprise data warehouse platforms, such as HP Neoview and Oracle, to provide both strategic and operational business intelligence benefits.
The HP CentralView portfolio is modular, open, standards-based and pre-integrated by HP, so CME companies can implement specific solutions incrementally based on business need. This approach allows a high degree of flexibility, while reducing costs. Also, existing legacy applications can be fully integrated with HP CentralView.
The HP CentralView business solutions are focused on building customer intimacy for the purpose of generating, protecting and optimising revenue. For CME companies, they can enable 360-degree management of the activities of customers, dealers and content partners, among others. Solutions include:
*  Credit Risk Control to predict and mitigate customer payment defaults;
* Customer Retention Maximisation to model, predict and ultimately influence customer behaviour to drive loyalty;
* Dealer Performance Audit to monitor the activity of retailers and manage channel profitability;
* Fraud Risk Management to prevent fraudulent use of a provider’s network assets;
* Revenue Leakage Control to detect and prevent leakage in the revenue stream;
* Subscription Fraud Prevention to identify anomalies and fraudsters at time of sign up;
* Video Usage Insight to gain knowledge about customers’ video behavior for offering more targeted services and advertising.
These solutions are available today. Additional solutions are expected to be available later this year.
The HP CentralView portfolio’s underlying framework provides access to all data through a common set of resources that can be used by any of the business applications. The framework includes: robust data collection functionality; a range of enterprise data warehouse technologies, including HP Neoview and Oracle; industry-specific data models from HP; extensive monitoring tools for real-time data; ready-to-use analytical tools for batch data; engines for rules, data mining, key performance indicators and reporting; and shared functions such as security, audit, alarm management, case management and workflow.
The portfolio also incorporates technology from partners such as SPSS and Business Objects.
HP CentralView is supported by a full complement of HP consulting and integration services that span the entire project lifecycle. HP service offerings reflect 30 years of experience in the telecom service provider market. Recently, the company’s information management expertise was strengthened by the acquisition of Knightsbridge Solutions.