McAfee has announced the availability of McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0 (ePO), the first and only platform that lets enterprises and governments, centrally manage security and compliance products from multiple vendors, offering unprecedented cost savings and ROI.

"Our competitors are still scrambling to catch up on endpoint system security and today McAfee has once again changed the playing field," says Chris van Niekerk, regional director: Africa at McAfee. “ePO 4.0 gives customers what they have been asking for – a new way to manage security and compliance within their environments. McAfee has made significant investment in building this platform and we are proud to announce a series of firsts for the security industry.”
McAfee continues to drive security innovation by offering industry firsts:
* First to deliver single agent and single console for endpoint security;
* First to manage a broad range of security products including endpoint, network, data, web and email security with one console;
* First product to combine security and compliance management through one console;
* First product to manage both McAfee and non-McAfee security products;
* First to provide open architecture around system security to enable comprehensive interoperability; and
* World's most scalable solution with deployments of nearly 55-million endpoints under management
ePO 4.0 offers the industry’s first console to unite the management of network security, data security and endpoint security, including all of a company’s PCs and servers. ePO 4.0 works with both physical and virtual systems, offering unrivalled scalability.
Today more than 30 000 McAfee customers manage nearly 55 million PCs, servers and network devices. ePO is the first to provide powerful reporting and auditing features and customizable, Web-based consoles.
"Virtually every enterprise contains multiple solutions securing their environment," says Chris Christiansen, program vice president at IDC. "Currently, most companies have too many agents and management consoles to administer their environments efficiently. By consolidating with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, customers could significantly improve and simplify security management and compliance."
To further expand the ecosystem around ePO, McAfee also unveiled the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance, a programme designed to help technology partners easily integrate their products with ePO.
ePO Supports Intelligent Security with Compliance Optimization ePO reduces security exposure, lowers costs, insures business continuity and helps customers meet industry compliance requirements. The integration of security and compliance solutions provides the backbone for intelligent security, by allowing applications to react automatically based on rules.
This intelligence will allow businesses to save time and resources. Insight Express, a third party research group, recently examined costs associated with managing security and compliance management.  
Findings revealed total security operations costs savings of 62% by ePO customers versus non-ePO customers. ePO customers needed 44% fewer administrators to manage their environments. They also required 37% less time to manage their networks compared to non-ePO customers.  Implementing ePO results in unprecedented efficiencies, reducing the number of servers, people and time needed to manage security and compliance in an enterprise.
The Next Generation of Security and Compliance Management Security products have traditionally consisted of point products that, once installed, provided protection with little or no need for full-time administration. In recent years, new threats and regulations have made integrated and well-managed security and compliance products paramount for customers. McAfee is first to respond to those needs with ePO.