If ever there was a clear indication that South Africans are more than ready, willing and able to adopt VoIP as a communications platform, it has to be the latest report out of Internet Solutions which says it has doubled its voice minutes to 17,5-million per month in just under a year.

The company says it is now servicing about 2 000 voice sites for its customers, 1 700 of which are currently live.
"In the 12 months since October 2006, we have nearly doubled our voice minutes to approximately 17,5-million per month," says Greg Hatfield, manager of VoIS Solutions at IS. "We currently have more than 80 000 users on our network with more than 50Mb of international voice VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) – mainly for call centre customers."
Hatfield says that the massive growth in the local adoption of VoIP isn't just based on price.
"Corporate customers and call centres need quality and reliability, not just cheaper calls," he says. "To achieve this, the infrastructure and technology needs to be proven and stable."
He says the company offers a variety of VoIS solutions for corporate customers, including:
* VoIS Community: Calling branches of the same company and other VoIS customers over the VoIS network.            
* VoIS National: National calls over the VoIS network.
* VoIS Cellular: Cellular calls over the VoIS network.
* VoIS Global: International calls over the VoIS network.
* VoIS Extend: International travellers call a UK fixed line number and are connected to a predetermined VoIS Community destination in SA.
* IS ADSL VoIS: Save money on your phone bill by using your IS ADSL line.