Local Spectra Logic distributor, Workgroup, has announced the availability of three new products from the company that fall into the newly created nTier archive and backup server product category.

The nTier500, nTier700 and nTier900 are platforms that add simplicity to the archive process for broadcast and video environments, says Martinus Pretorius, Spectra Logic product manager at Workgroup.
"The nTier archive and backup servers can integrate with digital asset management applications to provide an integrated content archive management platform with the ability to logically search, categorise and retrieve
archived information," he says. "The purpose-built archive hardware is a SATA disk-based solution that can
serve as both an online RAID cache as well as an application server."
Digital and media asset management software from all major vendors including Front Porch, Masstech, SGL and others can reside and operate on the nTier archive and backup server to manage all digital archives.
nTier, running asset management software, can be tightly integrated with Spectra Logic's
line of digital tape libraries to offer a complete multi-tier archive management solution.