International newsites have been ablaze with reports that versions of Microsoft's much-vaunted Halo 3 Xbox game contain scratched discs, but Microsoft South Africa has been quick to alleviate any fears local users may have.

Marc Batten, head of entertainment and devices at Microsoft SA, says the company is aware of the problem – which he says is restricted to one version of Halo 3 – and has already put measures in place to deal with any user queries.
"Microsoft has identified that there are some instances of blemishes on discs as a result of the packaging of the Halo 3 Limited Edition," Batten says. "It is related only to the Halo 3 Limited Edition version of the game.
"This is a small fraction of the total number of Halo 3 games shipped and sold, and is a limited production version of the game," he adds.
"We are currently investigating the scope of this situation and, notwithstanding the outcome of the investigation, we have implemented a plan to address it," Batten says. "We encourage anyone experiencing these issues to go to and click on the Halo 3 Limited Edition disc replacement link.
"We will be replacing these discs and apologise for the inconvenience," he says.
Batten's fears may be unfounded, though. According to major Microsoft bloggers who have come across scratched discs in their versions, the blemishes do not have any diverse affect on playing the game.