VMware and Stratus Technologies have entered into a definitive OEM agreement for the purpose of delivering the market-leading technologies of both companies – virtualisation and continuous availability – to enable virtualised IT infrastructures with the highest levels of uptime and reliability. Under the terms of the agreement, Stratus will be able to market, resell and provide joint customer support for VMware Infrastructure 3 running on next-generation Stratus ftServer models. 

The formal relationship between Stratus and VMware originated in March 2007 when Stratus joined the VMware Community Source Program, and the announcement being made today is a public indication of that collaboration coming to fruition.
The VMware Community Source Program has opened the door to expanded engineering creativity and technical resources for Stratus; this is an innovative approach for quickly building added value for customers,” says Dick Sharod, Stratus South Africa country manager. “As our customers increasingly virtualise business-critical applications, they are looking at the integration of virtualisation and continuous availability technologies to provide the highest level of protection against downtime. VMware’s collaborative development model and source-code sharing will expedite delivery of a continuously available virtual infrastructure strategy for our joint customers.”
By working through the VMware Community Source Program, Stratus will be able to support VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3) software on Stratus ftServer systems. The new multi-core ftServer 4400 and 6200 models will be the first fault-tolerant x86 server platform able to deliver all of the business continuity benefits of virtualisation, plus the unparalleled reliability and availability of a mission critical server foundation. General availability of the new ftServer models supporting VMware Infrastructure 3 is expected in early 2008.
In the near term, both companies will continue to expand upon this foundation. According to Brian Byun, vice president, global partners and solutions for VMware, “Customers deploying VMware Infrastructure 3 are achieving higher levels of availability by leveraging the combined benefits of VMotion, DRS and VMware HA to reduce both planned and unplanned down time.
VMware Infrastructure 3 on Stratus ftServer takes these benefits to the next level by combining the benefits of mission-critical platform availability with the flexibility and consolidation enabled by virtualisation. Going forward, VMware looks forward to expanding collaborations with Stratus and levering its rich heritage in technology for continuous availability to further complement VMware’s market-leading innovations in virtual infrastructure products.”
Stratus ftServer platform support for VMware Infrastructure 3 will focus on data centre and infrastructure virtualisation programs in mission-critical business environments. The combined solution brings together the full scalability, flexibility and performance of VMware Infrastructure 3 with the field-proven 99.999 percent uptime reliability of the newest generation of ftServer systems announced July 2007. The Stratus ftServer 4400 and 6200 servers will offer wide-ranging configurability for a variety of virtualised workloads, and all versions of the operating systems supported by VMware ESX Server will run on ftServer systems. Stratus will also be extending its world-class 24/7 support capabilities to VMware Infrastructure 3, including virtualised instances of Windows and Linux operating systems.
End user requirements for availability will vary with the scope of their virtualisation program, the nature of their applications, the infrastructure architecture, budget elasticity, and so on,” says Sharod. “But no one should think about virtualisation without also thinking about availability at some level. These announcements today by VMware and Stratus will ultimately provide customers with significantly increased levels of availability and virtualisation support for their individual situations and requirements.”