The gradual deregulation of South Africa’s telecommunications industry is good news for consumers who now have more choice about where they can buy their Internet connectivity. The latest option is an all inclusive ADSL offering from Nashua Mobile which has signed a wholesale agreement with Telkom through which it can offer its customers bundled ADSL. 

This means that Nashua Mobile will now be able to provide customers with both the Telkom ADSL line rental and the monthly ADSL data subscription – all on one monthly bill.
“It also means that if a customer has a normal telephone line, they can apply for the ADSL line directly to Nashua Mobile and not Telkom,” says Mark Taylor, MD of Nashua Mobile.
He says the company’s new Internet offerings are highly competitive. Prices range from a 1GB ADSL cap at 384kbps at R195 to a high-end 3GB cap at 1024kbps at R549.
“This offers consumers a lot of flexibility and they can configure their package in a way that best suits them,” says Taylor.
Nashua Mobile’s data is “unshaped” which means that all data is delivered at the best possible speed – whether it’s e-mail, games, music or just simply web browsing.
There is also a split billing option which is a unique corporate offering.
Says Taylor: “Basically this will work the same as split billing for voice calls where the company pays a certain amount and the employee the rest.”
Nashua Mobile was the first company to offer split billing for voice and this has now been expanded to its ADSL offering.
People who do not have a PC or laptop can get a package that includes a PC (HP Pavilion) from R560 for 24 months.
“This is also an advantage for businesses since no big capital expenditure is involved – it provides an easy and cost-effective way of obtaining laptops and mobilising the workforce using a continuous service agreement.” Taylor says.