It may be a touchy (-feely?) subject, but according to an online survey conducted by Harris Interactive, more than half of IT workers polled admitted to dozing off at their keyboards – and 47% of male techies revealed they had snogged co-workers.

The survey, conducted on behalf of, covered 5 700 US workers, including 163 techies.
Among IT workers, 49% of male respondents say they've fallen asleep at work, with 35% of their female colleagues admitting the same offence. On the more amorous side of the survey, 44% of the men let it slip that they had kissed a co-worker, while 34% of women blushingly confirmed their inter-office love-ins.
And, as we've always known, IT animals love to party. This was again confirmed by Harris Interactive which states that 25% of the techies revealed that they have consumed alcohol while on the job.
Other IT-related stats include 23% of techies saying they've stolen from the office and  20% admitting to snooping after hours.