Despite an almost manic rush by some international vendors to appoint as many distributors as they can in the South African market, Intel has no intention of disrupting its distribution status quo of three master distributors – Annex, Axiz and Rectron.

Contrary to rumours doing the rounds in the local channel, Sam Bellamy, channel sales manager, Middle East, Turkey and Africa at Intel, says the world's biggest chip maker has no intention of appointing another distributor in the region – certainly not in the short-term.
"Our plan for distribution in South Africa is business as usual with our three main distributors," Bellamy says. "Getting the right numbers in terms of distribution is critically important and we feel we currently have that.
"We can't have our distributors stepping on each others' toes," he says. "If you've got the coverage that you're looking for, why add another distributor?
"We have no plans for any changes in our current distribution model," Bellamy adds.
Ballamy says that South Africa has, over the years, proved to be the top perfoming territory in the META region and he sees no reason why this should change.
"In the server arena, for example, 80% of META's revenue comes from down here – spread across large organisations implementing server farms, all the way down to smaller guys selling solutions to SMBs," he says.