Tarsus Technologies has announced the signature of a distribution agreement with Logitech, making it the brand's fourth 4th distributor in South Africa and giving Tarsus access to what is considered to be the world's leading peripherals brand.

"Logitech has been associated with quality, innovation and cost-efficiency in the peripherals space for as long as I can remember," says Calvin van Wyk, product manager for Logitech at Tarsus.
"Our resellers are already excited about the new products and solutions they will be able to offer to their customers with the addition of Logitech to our line-up, and we feel extremely positive about our ability to increase Logitech's market share substantially."
Van Wyk says that the Logitech portfolio consists of over 350 individual peripherals ranging from keyboards to pointing devices, webcams, speakers, universal remote controls and accessories for today's leading gaming consoles.
The initial stocking policy that Tarsus has chosen is strongly focused on Logitech's range of business solutions to the corporate market.
"We have chosen one high-end, one midrange and one entry-level unit for each of the sectors we plan to address," van Wyk explains. "In doing so, we believe we are striking the balance between choice and economies of scale.
"The products are predicted to achieve a healthy sell through, especially if one considers the end-user customers that Tarsus' resellers deal with regularly," van Wyk adds.
It's that corporate-grade customer that Logitech was looking for when it approached Tarsus earlier this year. Romain du Gardier, Logitech marketing manager: South Africa says that the agreement with Tarsus was orchestrated to take Logitech into the South African corporate market.
"We believe we have a great deal of value to bring to the corporate sector, with innovative keyboard, mouse and webcam solutions designed for business efficiency," he says.
"Logitech's primary strength, traditionally, is into the retail market as our brand has a strong recognition amongst the end users. However, a lot of these end-users are also working and are keen to have access to our peripherals in their working environment. We're convinced that this new relationship with Tarsus will take us into that sector and allow us to add value to business customers' lives," he says.
"We are very confident about our new relationship with Tarsus," he concludes.