Innovation has always been a hallmark of South African organisations often hamstrung in their technology usage by circumstances beyond their control – lacklustre Internet connectivity and broadband services being top of mind at present. And Rivonia-based Technology Concepts is a perfect example of this innovation with its new TC Channel Bonding service.

Wayne de Nobrega, MD of Technology Concepts, says that with current ADSL bandwidth oversubscribed by ratios of up to 40:1, local Internet users simply aren't experiencing true, high-speed Intenet connectivity.
With TC Channel Bonding, however, subscribers to the service have access to four 4Mb Wan interfaces, alowing them to utilise the full power and capabilities of a 16Mb line.
"This is real, high-speed Internet connectivity," De Nobrega says. "And even if we do have degradation, it's less than 10% which is really irrelevant on a 16Mb line."
And to prove his point, De Nobrega conducted a series of random live demos of the service, downloading a 25Mb file in 20 seconds, an 85Mb file in 1minute 5 seconds, and showing live streaming of various CNN news broadcasts.
De Nobrega says that the main target market of the service – which went live last month – is organisations running leased-lines who have become frustrated by deteriorating service, despite the vast amounts of money they may spend on it.
"Our target market is not the guy with ADSL at home as an entry-level service will cost in the region of R3 000," he says. "Rather, it is the guy with a leased line running multiple lines who is paying anything between R20 000 and R30 000 a month. For these organisations, TC Channel Bonding is not only appropriate, it could change the very nature of their business."
There are a number of TC Channel Bonding packages available, from one-port to five-port boxes, and entry level usage starting at 10Gb and increasing in increments of 10Gb.
A one-port box starts at R950 and a five-port box will set the user back R2 400. Usage comes in around R134 per gigabyte.